Monday, May 4, 2009

A Sneak Peek Each Week...Planning The Last Few Days...

I still have a lot to do before this Friday . But it feels less weighty than it did a week ago. (or does it???)

Let’s see what I’ve been able to do:

Made about 35 new jewelry pieces
Took pictures of everything! (wow) /posted about a dozen to 1KM shop
Checked of biz cards NEED/new show list NEED/bags & wrapping NEED
All my social networking is in place, even have NEW Facebook group for Susan’s Charming Trinkets! (Please come join!)
DONE:Volunteer this week for the kids bookfair
DONE:Co-lead Wednesday’s Girl Scout meeting
DONE:Put together my sons Bday dinner for next Wednesday
DONE:Put together something to take to school for son’s Bday
DONE:Attend school open house Thursday
DONE:Teach afterschool class this Thursday and next/organize supplies/buy anything/happening again this week
CANCELLED:Go to son’s Judo competition Sunday
CANCELLED:Pick up breakfast for teacher’s on Sunday for Monday delivery
CANCELLED:Volunteer Monday morning for teacher breakfast
ONGOING:Help collect items for fifth grade raffle
NEXT WEEK:Sell raffle tickets one morning
TOMORROW:Attend daughter’s Bronze Award ceremony next Tuesday
ONGOING:Do errant planning for several other events
Try to make sure that my family doesn’t starve while I’m running around
Do some laundry so family isn’t forced to run naked thru streets
(except I think they like to be nude...?!)
Let the dust bunnies live until further notice (they have a nice life here)
Tag/card/price/log into database each item
Re-organize current stock/check for clean display cards/re-arrange into categories
Clean & dust old/make a couple new display pieces (may not actually happen)
Put up tent/make sure everything works the way you want it to
Send off e-mail notice to clients/mail any postcards necessary
This list changes with time, must be flexible!
(keep repeating the word flexible to self over and over!)

Just never seems to get any shorter!

I’m sure I could add to this but what’s the point! For every one item crossed off another takes it place. That’s just life right now!

Packing the car will have to wait until later in the week. I’m not ready to even attempt that today. I need to put together a tray of pieces to put together in front of the TV for later tonight and maybe make my “to do” list for tomorrow early so I know exactly what I’m up against!

So for next visit maybe a few show pictures, some car packing tips, and how to sleep while standing up making sure no one notices…!

We've officially lost our minds!

Until next time!

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Debbie~ said...

Susan, you never seize to amaze me! Love your list,(it wore me out)! Wonderful picture! Deb~