Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today's Project

Let's just call this, not enough hours in the day!

More necklaces. Some with Mother and child, also a beautiful rendition of a Victorian beauty. At the far end you can see some pet paws and a nose or two. Those became a fun set, bracelet and earrings for my per lover clients. Towards the right there are lips. You may see a new "to find your prince charming you have to kiss a lot of frogs" piece somewhere amongst my things soon.

Then we have the stuff curing upstairs. My second batch of resin in the same amount of days warming under lights awaiting my return. The translucent trays are some commercial molds that I'm trying out. You need mold release and a bit of power in your hands after it cures but so far it seems to work well. But I still like my own silicone molds best. They're soft and easy to use, even work for simple bracelets or rings. (want to learn how? I'll be teaching an introduction to resin on August 28th in Poway at one of my favorite spots, Stamping Details.)

Then there is the mess on my desk. Another pile waiting to be made into a class sample board. Make yourself a home? Houses that look great as jewelry and are a blast to make.(want to learn how? This class will also be at Stamping Details in Poway on August 28th in the morning before the resin class. Maybe you need to take both?)

So that's what I'm up to, what are you doing?


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