Sunday, October 3, 2010

Glitterfest!!! Were you there?

I have to admit that I did feel better once this picture was taken. Whew, what a few weeks. Let's just say that I was busy trying to make sure that everything went smoothly and spot on. Okay, I was nervous. My display space was in my living room for almost five weeks...yes, I put my table space in the living rom and played with it for the better part of five weeks! Hopefully it looked more effortless than it was. But once we arrived and the space was great, set up was smooth, I felt much more calm.

My friend Jeanne was a Godsend for the day (more days than just Saturday but...) and jumped in to help in every area. It's a huge luxury for me to have help that does whatever needs to be done, doesn't need direction, has a genuine sense of urgency, and is enjoyable to be around. And I hate to say she took all the pictures and I don't have any of her...!

But she took some fun photos...

The front entry. Can you guess what those are? Come on, look closer. Okay here's a close up.

Figure it out...leave a comment and let me know!

More pictures to come...Bridgett where are you? I'm going to show you off to the world!

Until then,
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BellaLunaArts said...

Here I am Sweetie!I'm going to try to do a post tonight:) Your booth was absolutely gorgeous, your jewels lovely and you, "spot on!" OH!how did I not get anything from you this time????? We'll have to take care of that ASAP! I need some Fridas! So great to see you,Much love, Bridgette