Friday, July 1, 2011

On The 10 Year Plan...

Well, the first week of kid class was cancelled, we needed a minimum of 5 kids to join us and we missed by a couple :(

Some things are blessings in disguise and I was able to cross off a few things on my "long" list, otherwise known as the 10 year plan. First my daughter and I spent a couple of days doing a mosaic on our enormously heavy umbrella stand. Which now will be heavier with all our tile, glass, and concrete!

Next I've had these little aluminum chairs forever. My neighbor had them slotted for the garbage and I couldn't let them go. That was probably 8 years ago.

Four cans of spray paint later we now have 4 different colored, fun pool deck chairs. Yay!

And a nosy dog...the others are 2 shades of turquoise.
The other big project sanding and re-varnishing our patio table and chairs. That's so one of those things that's on the bottom of the to do list. But it feels good to get through it. Plus it might last another few years and that would save me a few dollars that I don't need to spend on new furniture. (can't find any I like that's less than $2000 anyway, that's not going to happen!)
Happy 4th of July weekend! Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday!
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