Thursday, December 1, 2011

Falling Off The AEDM Wagon...

Well, you know what they say about the best intentions. I really must forgive myself for not posting something creative everyday. There is just too much life going on around here!
Like this for instance...
Aren't they adorable?
My son received an honor roll certificate today! There he is with his teacher. 
She's the absolute bomb! He has done so well under her guidance this year it's amazing.
My daughter had her also so we already knew how wonderful she was. The teaching talent she has is apparent on each and every face in her classroom. They just glow if you visit the room. All of the 35 or so are always smiling and happy. It's a joy to see them all. Plus she's a fine artist in her own right. 
We are so lucky!
Grandma and Grandpa were there this morning also.
All the way from New York!
Then we also had some sad news about a week ago as a friend of ours passed away far too soon. She was part of our couples Bunco group which, sadly, we haven't participated in too much this year. I just rsvp'd to an afternoon celebration of her life and wasn't really asked but there was a spot to commit to bring something to eat. Funny how you remember things when someone passes. Well, I promised to bring potato salad because each and any time she was able to have my special recipe it was her favorite. She would graciously beg at the end of the evening to "please can I have a doggy bag of your potato salad?" Then as we made her bowl and put whatever was left into a smaller container she'd run her finger through the bowl and lick them clean! I smile everytime I picture this in my head. She was funny, warm, and seemed to love everyone. Sad...
On a bit lighter note my daughter had a belated birthday party with a few friends.
Adorable pic #2!
Again we're lucky and blessed. My daughter, all the way to the right, has a great group of polite yet goofy friends. They are all high achievers, always say thank you, they tell hysterical jokes, and they aren't annoying! which for teenagers is a big thing! (especially for me to say!) The big thing that day? Riding the escalator for no apparent reason...

...except to ride it! They are a crack up!
On more of a creative note, I taught my last couple of classes for 2011.

A shrink plastic addiction class, because it is. And also a resin class that focused on using photographs.
But alas, we were having so much fun in both classes that I didn't take any pictures of the wonderful students that I had....duh! 

So, these are some of the things that go on as you find yourself falling off the blogging wagon. There are many more in between but for now I must move on! Signed up today for a class with Flora Bowley (linked to her blog so you can see why this class is a must have)  and it's all the fault of my fellow flygirls! Oh, not really! It's a good thing to reach outside your comfort zone and try new things. My inner voice has been yelling at me to pursue some new creative things so I'm on it!

Until next time!
Creatively Yours,

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What a fun family post. Thanks for sharing your family with us.