Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting Un-Stuck

Well, it's been a busy, busy spring that was preceded by a nutty fall/winter season. Wow...

Since being here last January I've done alot of introspective soul searching about his business of mine. Christmas was too busy and I lost track of several things I shouldn't have, let alone try and enjoy the holidays with my family. It's been that way for, hmmm, maybe five years now. But last season was the worst. And it continued right into the first part of this year.

It's better now. I've weeded through my schedule and rearranged what it is I want to be priorities. Boy does that help! It took some time, thinking, and a few things had to go by the wayside but I fell tons better. Less stress and better focus.

That's going to be my phrase (or one of them) for this year...focus!

Did you miss me?


P.S. I shook up how this thing looks with a background from one of my favorite artists, Itkupilli. Please peruse her blog and click on the upper left hand corner link. You won't be disappointed!

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