Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Anatomy of a Package

Today I find myself putting together two, not just one, but two packages to mail from sales on my Etsy supply shop. How exciting! What I had forgotten was that I haven't really concentrated on my packaging for this particular shop so I had to go back through and re-design some of my media. Firstly, I believe everything you receive should be like getting a gift, wrapped and tied, and always accompanied by a handwritten note.
Wrapped twice, light bubble wrap & tissue.
just so!
Now the sticker fits!
And voila! Wrapped,  bowed, stickered, and sent with a note plus card with my little button on it as a present. The secret additive is a coupon for free shipping on the next order! Both orders today were for some of my vast charm collection. Thanks to both of you! 
Finished package.
Until next time,


Carmen said...

Ooh, what pretty and clever packaging! I love it!

m said...

~ Your work is spectacular , you are a very talented artist ~

If you have some workshop in Carlsbad area let me know ...