Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspiration and Blog Hop 101

This post is a part of our first blog hop including quite a few of the artists that connected during the class ”Flying Lessons” presented by the fabulous Kelly Rae Roberts. The theme is “Spreading Our Wings” or how we were inspired by our experience. It could involve some of our artwork or whatever creative element we desired to write about. At the end you’ll find the list of amazing participants in the blog hop.

A few months ago I decided to participate in Kelly Rae Roberts course for creative’s called “Flying Lessons.” Little did I know at the time just how much of an impact it would make on me.

My thought was that the class would let me figure out how to take my little business to the next level. Honestly I’ve been feeling very stuck, like I’m only going through the creative “motions” and not getting anywhere. Loving Kelly Rae, her blog, and her art I signed up excitedly and waited for the first days post to come. Guess what the subject matter was? Fear…..!
Goofy daughter!
To say that I’ve been afraid over the past year would be an understatement. As the course continued the subject matter continued with a strong under tone of emotional churning. Each post dug deeper even though it was sprinkled with business tips and suggestions. My brain was in turmoil. How was I going to sift through all of this information?
Have fun with your own face!

Although I talk to my other half about everything and this was subject matter that he gets, but doesn’t truly “get” it. My friend circle is a myriad of different personalities and backgrounds but only one that I can truly say understands the angst of the creative. And she lives an hour away. Just about weekly someone will ask me what I do and when I reply artist I’m confronted with an, “oh you’re a stay at home Mom.” One gal I’ve known for almost 25 years refers to my creative work as, “that crafty stuff you do sometimes.” And I can’t tell you how many people drop off your radar when you’re in seclusion trying to work towards the holiday season. It’s one of my biggest frustrations.
The course ran for five weeks. Five weeks of frantic thoughts, updates to all things internet, and dreading the end of the class. It was so enjoyable, and yet un-nerving, I wanted it to continue for as long as possible. From the start we all knew there would be a private Facebook group we could join if we wanted to. Open to all that took the course. I requested entry, not knowing what to expect.

Well, the group is 378 strong! The conversation runs the gamut from teasing to serious money questions, to art shows to trading techniques and much, much more. I commented and tried to jump in. Mostly I read and tried to take it all in. It was (and is) art talk that is going on everyday and into the night. It’s a group that “gets it” whatever that may be. It’s a safe spot that you can come to and chat about the things that are on your mind. A spot to try out new ideas. A place to get or give help. An area to share a heartbreak or physical condition that you can’t even say out loud to yourself. A group that takes you for who you are and lets you know you’re not as alone as you thought you were.

It was said somewhere in our comments that, “who knew the best resource we’d get from taking the class would be ourselves!” So true. My inspiration is ongoing. Everyday I get to interact with all of the fabulous members of our group. Everyday there is something new to ponder and chat about. I am inspired to do more, be true to myself, and go forward to fulfill dreams I thought might not be possible a few months ago. And if I take a day and don’t quite get where I’d like to? Well, I can turn to anyone in our group for support or a laugh. For that, and so much more, I want to say thank you! Thank you to all of you who “get” it, it truly means the world to me. ( and so do all of you!)
Free to fly the universe!
Now go forth and visit ALL of the following blogs for great art, great people, and tons of  inspiration!!!

Until Next Time,
(which will be tomorrow with the start of Creative Every Day
for November!)

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Anonymous said...


You crack me up!!! I love your photo work, kaliedescopes and fun silly images! I couldn't wait to scroll down for the next one! I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to following you through the November blog, I am doing it too! Awesome work... love your humor! Thanks for hopping! Kris

Kathleen Conard said...

Everyone's creativity is so impressive and yours on this post was sensational - loved the pics and the words you shared about this great group!

Christina Fajardo said...

I was wondering why your blog didn't reflect the blog hop! The 5 weeks with Kelly Rae was so enlightening... these past few months has made me realize there are so many of us creative souls ... warms my heart. I live in a sea of musicians in Austin!

Christina Fajardo said...
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Janet said...

WooHoo! Glad to see your post up! And glad you'll be doing the Nov. challenge. I think you are going to surprise yourself. I'll be watching! (does that scare you? Hahaha!)

This Moment said...

What a fun post to read with all the pictures you included! It's great to be a part of this group.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree that husbands dont fully "getit" Thanks for your post it was very inspirational and creative!!!

Susan said...

Thanks for coming by! I truly appreciate each and every one of you!

Lori Leissner said...

Ha! You are a hoot! So glad to have met you and looking forward to seeing more of your quirky humor and art.


Kanchan Mahon said...

Glad I hopped over! What a wonderful blog.

Shells said...

Love all the photos, Thanks for being part of the fly tribe.

Carol @ The Red Painted Cottage said...

Funny, funny... I love a good sense of humor. Your photos are hilarious. However, I really liked your posting on your photo box. Yupper, I just followed you, so I don't lose you. I need to come back and read that photo box tutorial again!

Ursula Smith said...

Hi Susan!! That was such a fabulous post!! It was like a scrapbook page unfolding!! I luv'd it!!

Anonymous said...

Don't know what our little sanctuary would be like without you. So glad we faced the fear and flew. And what a beautiful gift that when we jumped out into the clear blue, we realized we weren't flying alone.... Rae

Unknown said...

Susan (you little closet-techie)! You are such a sweetheart! Loved your blog, not to mention the dead bodies;D

Kelley Miller said...

Love your blog, and love all that you have to give to the "tribe". You have so much wisdom and experience and I want to take the opportunity here to thank you for always sharing with those of us that are such "newbies". You are a generous soul, and I appreciate you :)

C M Rawlins said...

Susan, your art is beautiful. I love the whimsy of your style! This group has been such a blessing to me, and I enjoy your being a part of that. You're flying!

Lori said...

Love your post & your pictures. Thanks for hopping and happy flying!

BellaLunaArts said...

LOved your post! I'll be there in Irvine too!!!XO Bridgette

Anonymous said...

Fun post and pictures!!!

Elissa Brown said...

SUSAN! What a great blog and a fun spirit you have! Glad to have stumbled across it and so glad you participated in this HOP with us! You look like such fun and I absolutely love your work! Keep it up and keep contributing to our group! I love it! Thanks!

chelle said...

i loved reading what you wrote susan & your pictures are fun! Happy Flying

Susan said...

Many thanks to all of you! We have a fabulous group!