Sunday, January 8, 2012

This Weeks Work

Can you say "complete studio overhaul?" I can.

A couple of weeks ago I began a journey of re-organization, a long, long journey. My inside studio has become, well, shall we say intrusive to my family. So, since we don't park our cars into the garage I have re- appropriated it for my studio. The only thing is, it was already mostly full and needed to be hauled out. Thankfully my friend and very organized second in command, Jeanne, offered to help me drag all my junk out and keep me on the straight and narrow to get rid of what was necessary. 
Jeanne and I being goofy!

Thank goodness...because it was a task and a half! After two days of cleaning, hauling, dusting, vacuuming, decisions, throw aways, packing, and other means of junking we found the floor! Which in the above photo is primed for painting. 
See? The beginnings of checkers! Isn't this exciting?
With any luck I'll be done before 2012 is over...!

Until next time,

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