Friday, March 23, 2012

Desk View

Yesterday I posted this picture on my facebook page and this is what is still covering my desk this morning. Is your list so long that you don't know where to begin? Mine is trying to paralyze me. It's long....very long! So, breathing deeply, I am going to pick one item after another and knock them out! Cross them off! Get them off the paper! Here's one item from my list yesterday....
This is going in the mail. It was a slow go as I put this together with scissors, stick glue, and a couple of pens. It's a huge mailing label and, I think, it may morph into a sticker of some kind or at least some snippet of it.

So that's crossed off., next is pictures taking....resin experiments....and on and on. One note: I am getting back into my Etsy shop with my creations today. Look for it to re-open and be furnished with new things! 

Okay, off I go! 

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Unknown said...

Hi Susan,
Just love your blog background!! And your name, mine is also Susan, and your ArT!!! Kindered Art sister spirits we are!!! Nice to connect with you! I'm following you now:) Bwaaahaaaa ( that's my sinister laugh) Hee Hee!