Monday, July 9, 2012

OMGosh...did you miss me?

My daughter reflecting how I feel about being away from my blog for so long.

How I feel daily expressed by my son.

And I thought I was doing so much for that! 

Keeping up with this blog thing, facebook, social media in general, teaching, shows, life, children....not to mention some sort of self care...sheesh! I need to be three people!

Well, I've made a list and I'm (once again) re-evaluating business life and all things attached to it. Be sure I will be back with something poignant to say (hopefully) and a project or two to inspire your creativity (with luck!).

Don't leave me! I'm ruminating but will write again soon...

Be always artful,

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Natasha Burns said...

Hi Susan,
Isn't it hard trying to keep up with everything online, while trying to create at the same time? I hear you!! I wanted to pop over and say thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your input re the copying/image theft.
Take care,
Natasha x