Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Okay, is this a riot or what? I thought my 7 year old would probably faint if he thought Mom spent the day with Darth and the rest of the intergalactic crowd!
For those of you who also saw Darth, you know that his was a picture from the CHA convention in Anaheim. I had the pleasure of attending with a couple of art pals of mine, April Avery, and her pal Ginger. It's seems like such a luxury to spend the day with people that you love and to laugh, chat, lament, and bounce around ideas. It just doesn't happen that often. We walked the show , treated ourselves to some make-n-takes, and generally soaked up the creative atmosphere. It was great!
Now we're in the midst of a regular week but I did take the time to read through a few of my favorite blogs. One of my favorites is Deryn Mentock's blog and her January 22nd post really hit home with me. Not being horribly biblical you sometimes miss the underlying importance of faith. Deryn talks about the story of Esther from the bible and how she meets the mean guy Haman that wants to exterminate all the Jews. She goes on to say that the world really hasn't changed much since that early time in that we still have the propensity to harshly judge, heckle, sneer, gossip, use, (insert your own describer word) and act like high school never ended in a myriad of different situations. It's extremely hard to have any faith in people these days. Or when you do have faith the other person makes some action towards you that makes you realize that your faith was blind. Please read through her thoughts, it in turn will give you something to think about.
That brings me back to my art friends. When we first met up on Sunday we all did a group exhale then started in on how each of us had something emotional happen the week prior. Funny how things are sometimes universal. One of us had mishaps with a group they'd known for an extended length of time but was now treating them poorly. Another had family issues going on that were affecting their emotional base, and another had thought someone they'd known for several years knew them enough to know how they work in different situations but came to be accused of some trivial happening. Each of us had some emotional tale to tell over someone that they thought they knew or knew them and all of us had found out differently.
Being creative can be an isolating vocation. When you begin a friend relationship how do you determine when to have faith to move forward or the distrust to step away...? Do you keep exploring until that person proves their true intention? It's impossible to know without faith...
More later...

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