Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Todays projects

This morning was a fact finding mission. Our school PTA has asked me to chair their yearly tile project and we met to come up with ideas for the space. The school is an arts magnate with the belief of H.E.A.R.T. H = harmony , E = empathy, A = achievement, R = reflection, T = transformation. With that in mind the project is a tile mural to be composed of the handprints (on flat tiles) of any and all students who wish to participate. Last years was a representation of the school mascot, a Monarch butterfly. This year it needs to include a heart. A few days of sketching and an idea should present itself.

The other project on my very messy desk is a soldered shadowbox. A few days ago I put together a prototype.
This went together fairly well and I soldered it. Took some time as condensation forms inside the box as you solder and you need to wait until it clears. I was also concerned that the beads inside might melt but that didn't happen (yeah!). It's not perfect but it turned out well enough to try it again. (will try to remember to post a finished pic)
Now I'm off to do some ever present cleaning. You know, the straightening and re-organizing so you can actually find your desk cleaning...!

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