Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where did the time go...?

September...? Where did the days go? I just looked at my first post here stating I'd post pictures the same week. Guess what? Didn't do it!

Well, what did I do? Let's see, I had my parents visit for three months. My company (of one) ran around the countryside and participated in about 10 artisan shows. We had Christmas and actually were able to get the tree up with time to spare. My kids had numerous school activities, get togethers, and play dates. We stayed awake to see the ball drop New year's Eve but only by a few minutes. What else...I'm not sure I know. But the time flew by and now it's January. Wow!

The best place for me to start is probably with a little bit about myself so we can all get to know each other here in the blogosphere. Hmmm...I have been creative ever since I can remember. Paint, pencils, crayons were all a part of my toddler years and I had my first sewing lesson by the time I was six. Being an only child I spent hours drawing or just chalking sentences on a chalk board. Through high school I learned the ins and outs of photography, weaving, printmaking, basic metals, and life drawing, just to name a few. At the beginning of college I fell into the restaurant business and somehow got lost. Seemed like all the adults I looked up to thought an art career of any kind was a frivolous endeavor. It only took about a year of that chatter to look for something else to do.

So, life never seems to run a straight line, does it? Only after 18 years in the restaurant business, a divorce, moving over 3000 miles (twice), and getting married again (but this time to my best friend) did I allow myself to look up. It's so easy to let a big piece of yourself go ignored and let life carry you along. My now husband looked at me and very calmly said, "honey, why don't you quit your job and do something you enjoy?" Once I recovered from shock I did just that.

Today I participate in about 20 artisan shows a year with my charm jewelry company Charming Trinkets. I also have a huge vintage accessory collection and am working on a new mixed media venture. Creative is a daily endeavor, for myself, my family, and with my two great kids.

My hope within this blog is to meet other like minded people and to perhaps blow off some creative steam from time to time. Staying true to your artistic self can be somewhat isolating and many people you meet just don't quite understand.

Until next time!

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