Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Sneak Peek Each Week...

After too much deliberation over all (3) my blogs I've decided to try something different. In order to try and keep a better schedule to chat with all of you I will be posting "A Sneak Peek Each Week" on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Maybe I'll be sneakiing into my studio for a tour or perhaps we should all learn something new and try a technique or new craft item. Maybe we could all just get together and solve the world's problems (somebody needs to work on it!). Whatever it turns out to be I hope you'll find it fun (that leaves out the world"s problems) and a reason to come back to visit me more often.
Okay, well it's only Sunday but here goes...
Here's the view from my chair...

...and this... My current focus is furiously making new things for the upcoming show season as well as keeping my shop at 1KM full.(

What do you do when you're under the gun for time? Do you work better under pressure? Or maybe you prefer the laid back atmosphere when things are calmer?

There are 2 weeks left in my schedule to try and have the following accomplished:
  • fill out my inventory, make 4 to 6 dozen new items (in progress)
  • take pics, price, add to database, & card or ticket
  • make several new display pieces
  • set up booth & make sure it all works the way I want it to
  • plan & design an e-mail notice for the show; send
  • design a snail mail postcard for show; send
  • re-print promotional material, cards, show list, stickers, bag stickers, etc.
  • keep up with all the regular stuff, family, kids, school stuff, twitter, volunteer...

Actually I work better under a deadline. Makes everything you're doing more real and tangible. Over the next week I will try and blog about the different aspects of each of the items on my list.

I'll get it all done. My desk may never get clear but...

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