Thursday, April 2, 2009

Too long...

Okay, so I keep forgetting that this blog is here! I haven't had this space for very long and I have 2 other blogs...oooh yes, I said 2. That makes 3 total. How does that work you may ask...? Well, I'm not sure since one of them falls through the cracks on a regular basis!

Let's try an update on all our goings on.

Last Saturday Wendell, Paul, and myself went on an art trip to San Diego. There was a mosaic exhibition and sale in town that I wanted to check out. AdaLee would've have joined us but she went off camping with her Junior troop to Julian, California. (it was about 35 degrees the first night and 12 ten year olds girls slept in tents, on the ground!)

Here are the boys with a beautiful backdrop of the Museum of Man.

Aren't they cute?

Paul (and I) thought that these sculptures were the coolest. I believe they are Niki St. Phalle sculptures and there were a bunch all over Balboa Park. I want one for the front yard!

Funny how Paul easily channels the sculpture.

One last picture. We also treated ourselves to a fabulous lunch at the Fish Market, downtown on the wharf. It was really great!
You can also see some of our pictures at my new Flickr account:
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BellaLunaArts said...

Love your new pics!What wonderfully inspiring sculptures. I'd love to have an "art day" with you and what's all this about other blogs? I want to see...

BellaLunaArts said...

Love your new pics! What great sculptures! Let's have an art day soon!