Monday, April 27, 2009

A Sneak Peek Each Week...“How will I Ever Get Through It All?”

Welcome to my mess!

I figured for week #1 of my Sneak Peek I would start where I am currently, buried under a thousand things to do before I go to my next show…!

Here’s the list of business related things to do or accomplish before May 8th :
(you may want to sit down)

Make minimum of 48 new jewelry pieces (in progress)
Take pictures of everything/post a couple to shop
Tag/card/price/log into database each item
Re-organize current stock/check for clean display cards/re-arrange into categories
Clean & dust old/make a couple new display pieces
Check for supply of biz cards/promo material/bags & wrapping/tools/etc
Put up tent/make sure everything works the way you want it to
Send off e-mail notice to clients/mail any postcards necessary
Keep up with all your social networking!
This list changes with time, must be flexible!

In my personal life I have to:

Volunteer this week for the kids bookfair
Teach afterschool class this Thursday and next/organize supplies/buy anything needed
Co-lead Wednesday’s Girl Scout meeting
Go to son’s Judo competition Sunday
Pick up breakfast for teacher’s on Sunday for Monday delivery
Volunteer Monday morning for teacher breakfast
Help collect items for fifth grade raffle
Sell raffle tickets one morning
Attend daughter’s Bronze Award ceremony next Tuesday
Put together my sons Bday dinner for next Wednesday
Put together something to take to school for son’s Bday
Attend school open house Thursday
Do errant planning for several other events
Try to make sure that my family doesn’t starve while I’m running around
Do some laundry so family isn’t forced to run naked thru streets
Let the dust bunnies live until further notice

Where to start?

At the top, of course! Some tips to help make it to the end:

Let’s just say I multi-task a lot.

Each morning, or the evening before, I make a list of what I need to accomplish. Review it before starting then try to knock out everything I can. There is always something that comes up that will force you off your list. Try, try, to factor in some time in every list for the unknown…!

At the end of the day and before dinner hour (since I make jewelry) I put together a tray of things that I can do while I spend time with my family. Sometimes it’s cutting out promo cards, or making notes on the day’s project. Other times it’s a tray of beads that I can put together and watch TV at the same time (who can just sit in front of the TV, not me!) Most of my busy work is done just like that.

I’m a planner! With all my volunteer hours I try to get the details at least 2 weeks beforehand (doesn’t always happen). When I can plan those events then my business time can be planned around them. It’s becomes hard when you are called upon at the last minute. If you don’t prioritize you can easily see your creative time vaporize right before your eyes. Make your creative/business hours a priority!

Learn how to say no! Very important and very difficult to do. Especially when your children are involved. For me I have to ask myself some questions:
Will my kids benefit from my participation? If it’s an activity where other parents are involved and I may not even interact with my own child I may have to say no. Will I be an integral part for my child and their class as a whole? Yes, I can run off. Am I being asked because I always say yes and no one else will volunteer? Sometimes…but I’m getting better!

Do I leave things until the last minute? Absolutely! Are there things still on my list at the end of the day? Yes! But I start over the next day and try not to have the same thing left the second time around.

Being a one women business is a challenge but isn’t that part of why we love it so much?

Next time: a to do list update, packing the car for a show, and how not to rip your hair out when your husband tries to help you!

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BellaLunaArts said...

WOW!Susan You're week really does sound like mine!!!!I've got the old Staff appreciation coming up too,(I'm in charge eeek!)both kids in sports,upcoming show,family...the only difference is you sound WAAAY more oraganized about it all. Me, I'm just loosing my marbles!!Wish me luck ,love & luck to you! B