Thursday, January 13, 2011

Swallowed Up By The Holidays...

My first resolution of the new year is to try not to apologize about not blogging more often. But I still feel bad. I haven't been here since October and there just hasn't been time for me to figure it all out. I need a secretary or an assistant or to win the lottery...well, in lieu of that I thought I might show you what I've been up to, in pictures and one liners...!

Two weeks after the fabulous Glitterfest I ended up at the Bernardo Winery, one of my favorite spots for shows.

My good friend Lori was right across from me for the weekend.

And my goofy pal Jeanne helped me out on Saturday.

Then it was this gals birthday.

We had a spiderweb cookie the size of a Volkswagen!

I made several sets of these for a great client to resell in her own shop.

Halloween came and it's just irresistible to dress up the dogs, doesn't he look irresistible...?

Then there were these hooligans.

As the holidays approach I start to feel a little strange.

I put together a lot of rings...

11/6 found me at the Irvine Fine Arts Center surrounded by super talented vendors of all media.

11/7 was the Carlsbad Fair and look whats on her ears!?!! Yes, she bought them the day before with me in Irvine...!

My first class at Bead Island in Murrieta, don't they look great?

Class samples for my Christmas Marie Antoinette in Paris resin class.

The Stamping Details show in Poway.

Holidays are coming closer and we start to get stranger and stranger...

Another class, this time with all the staff at Bead Island. It was a blast.

Tons of creative resin was poured.

Many kits were put together.

My daughter made honor roll!

My husband forced me into the car the week of Thanksgiving and MADE me go to Las Vegas for a few days.

...did some of this...

...stared at the view...

...made a new friend...

...did ALOT of eating, this was some of the unbelievable food from Emerils Delmonico Restaurant.

My idea of the perfect Santa (he was wearing fishnets!)
Okay, this is a crazy long post. Moving on to another...

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1 comment:

Debbie~ said...

Hi Susan,It's been a long time...Oh how I've missed your wonderful humor!!! I see you've been a busy gal, of course that doesn't surprise me!

Your booth looks amazing and I can only imagine the fabulous classes you've been taking...I'm sure one day I'll pick up "Where Women Create" and there you'll be!!!

Do I see two dogs in your household now?

I'm trying to get inspired, I haven't made any jewelry in forever. But I have lots of new beads and baubles to make into something I feel a creative moment heading my way sometime soon,(I hope)!!!

We have a new Grandson, named after my (Italian)Grandfather, Angelo! He was born with a full head of hair and it's a light brown, amazing to behold in a family of almost always baldies!

I'm so glad I came here to snoop, your pictures are amazing, and your kiddos are growing like crazy!!!

Take care my friend,
xo Debbie

ps. we've had two snow days this week, brrrrr!