Friday, January 14, 2011

Swallowed Up...Part Two

Okay, let's start again. That last post was crazy long! Let's start again where we left off...Thanksgiving.

These two took us out for dinner since we had just driven in from Las Vegas. Don't they look happy about it?

This young man had two orders of mini corn dogs and a complete quarter of a pumpkin pie. Ate it all then around 2 in the morning tossed his stomach all over his room, the bathroom, and the hall. Yay!

Another couple of classes on 12/5 with yet another great group. Aren't they fabulous to look at?

My 12/11 group! It's truly amazing what everyone comes up with in class and how different everything is. And the enthusiasm for learning something new is overwhelming.

Working hard...

We had a bit of time to be goofy and play with our "dog".

My daughter is a dragon fanatic so we made Dragon cookies for all her friends for Christmas.

Most of the time they actually like each other.

Christmas day...

Christmas night...

This gang chaperoned the adults until the wee hours of the morning on New Years Eve.

That pretty much where we are today. These two are relaxing while the humans run around like crazy people. We're back in school, volunteering, planning events, writing class ideas, updating websites, and everything else that goes with it.
I hope that your holiday time was as wonderful and nutty as ours.
Until next time,
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