Friday, November 11, 2011

How To Keep 10 Year Old Boys Busy or AEDM Day 11

Sun in the back makes for a tough photo.
During yesterdays post I thought I would do some creative re-organizing of the swamp I now call my seems that I'm too lazy to attempt that today so I'm turning over the creativity to my son, Paul.
He got into the polymer clay today and decided to experiment. Taking charge of a couple of blocks of neon orange and some denim blue, he ran them through the pasta machine at very thin layers.
Rolling the sheets together as a snake.
Pressing and rolling he pushed the two colors together as he rolled.

Action shot.
Snake anyone?!
The colors had swirled in no real pattern throughout the snake so we cut the ends off then began to cut slices to use. Paul just made his first cane!
Two of many...
He made a couple beads then halfway through decided they should all be creatures. No pictures yet as he's not finished. But he's raiding my trash bead stash to make eyes, robot hands and various other things. It may be too scary to photograph once he's done!

Until next time,

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Anonymous said...

How creative! Sounds like tonnes of fun - I hope you can post some photos of the finished creatures!