Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something From Nothing - AEDM Day 10

Yesterday I promised to make something out of here goes!
(AEDM #10)

Nothing on the sheet.
Ooh, now there's something!
Cut them out...
...a little color (can you see the lavender?)
Voila! There's really something!
These are part of my Steampunk collection.

The studio after a show! Ugh!
This last picture is my angst for the day. This is the other side of my studio from where I normally work. It's the side where everything gets piled while I try to put together show goodies. Now it's at a level where I feel like there is someone behind the ever growing blob....ready to swallow me up at any time!
Tomorrow we will attempt to "creatively" fix this (without a backhoe)

Until then,


Kathleen Conard said...

Your something-from-nothing earrings are darling! I feel much better now that I have seen your ever-growing blob. I do the very same thing - move stuff to make space to create and then I have to go back and figure out where to put everything. Problem is, I do this several times in a row before I ever start putting things away, so it gets pretty bad.

Carol said...

Well that is something! Love the the earrings! Funky and fun and pretty too. Glad to have discovered you through AEDM!

Unknown said...

Nice transformation!! You do a great job at something from nothing. I think your studio looks like a lot of fun, but then again, i don't have to clean it up!!

Anonymous said...

You have a tool box on top of a tool box on top of a tool box! I am so impressed by this! lol. I love the art too. Right now, I am knee deep into organizing my studio. I neeeed three tool boxes to make my tool box pyramid. Thanks for sharing.