Monday, November 14, 2011

Reviewing or AEDM #14

Today was another day of running around and my poor studio chair is gathering dust. I drove to San Diego today and tried to re-do my display at Art N Soul on 101.You know how if you stare at something long enough you don't really see it anymore? Well, that's how i felt about the display. So if it weren't for the help of Miss Paige and Cindy, the owners of the shop, I'm not sure it would have changed much. Thanks gals!!
My new display!
It looks much better! If you are in the area go check them out! The shop is full of fabulous art that could help with your Christmas list!

Other than display review I've been doing alot of thinking about designs and what to do next. Sometimes the best way to figure out how to move forward is to look back.
These were frogs I made back in 2009. Very fun brass stampings that say "rib bit!"
Also in 2009 I made a limited edition of 25 "Re-Affirmation Fairies"

Each one was hand stamped or drawn, cut out by hand, individually colored, and had something positive written on the back. They were great fun and sold out over the period of about six months or as fast as I could get them made.

I also made a bunch of these sort of paper doll like pins. Each one was named and I wrote a short story about their lives and likes.

 Later that year I started doing various caricatures of famous faces.
Some word jewelry.
And for Christmas that year I did a bunch of crowned faces.
Early 2010 I discovered these. I LOVE these!
I also got hooked on these Mother and child images as well as...
 the Virgin de Guadalupe.
Since then I've made rings and experimented in lots of resin.
Turned my doodling into wearable art.
Made LOTS of fairytale stuff.
My first time at Glitterfest!
And I've set up many displays.
But I am still pondering the next thing...the next design...the next creative piece of the puzzle.

Stay tuned...I"ll figure it out! (at some point!)

Until next time,

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Kathleen Conard said...

Fun to see what you have made in the past. I was especially drawn to your paper doll pins!

Janet said...

Great fun looking back, Susan! Have fun figuring out where you're going next!

Tracey FK said...

Your work is really inspiring and I can see why they sold so well.... they are amazing xx

Carol @ The Red Painted Cottage said...

I love what you create and how wonderful that you've got your own display at a shop! After these two shows I just did, I know that shows aren't the way for me to sell my art. I'll be checking into other venues.